Shot Blasting & Chemical stripping
ABTS are able to offer shot blasting and chemical stripping in-house.
These services being provided by ABTS offer customers quick turn arounds, along with more control on items that then require finishing, such as powder coating, wet painting, plating and anodizing.

-ABTS chemically strip items in bespoke containers for the most economical usage.
-ABTS operate from two separate shot-blasting rooms for increased capacity.

Surface Finishing 
ABTS are able to provide a ‘second to none’ powder coating and wet spraying service from our well equipped and
Modern in-house facilities.

Capabilities of ABTS’s finishing services:-
-Quick turnaround
-Colour matching available
-Painting in Ral, BS, and NCS colours
-High quality finish
-Anti corrosion applications

ABTS have extensive experience in painting a wide range of materials; from a variety of metals to GRP, plastics and even Wood.

ABTS also offer:- galvanizing, anodising, alocroming, heat treatments, chemi-black, nickel and zinc plating.

 Transport Service

ABTS offer its own fleet of transport to its customers for collections and deliveries depending on the project requirements. This is the safest way for ABTS to deliver goods, and it also enables ABTS to have control on the delivery times and destinations.