Laser Cutting
ABTS are able to offer a high quality and high precision in-house laser cutting service, supplying parts to a variety of global industries and customers.
Our in-house laser cutting capabilities enable ABTS to offer:-
-Laser cut parts in a variety of materials: Aluminium, mild steel and stainless steel
-24 hour turn around service
-Swift production on both small and large batch quantities
-Work with a variety of different file formats including DXF, DWG, PDF and JPG etc
-Engraving and etching service

Using the latest technology and machinery, ABTS are able to fabricate precision parts, meeting customer requirements and specifications.

Further benefits of ABTS’s fabrication department include:-
-Modern machinery:- 7 axis press brakes, CNC tube manipulation machines, Bandsaw/ chopsaw cutting etc.
-Advanced tooling (including louvre press and dutch fold)
-Small and large batch fabrications
-Use of CAD files
-Quick lead times

Coded Welding
ABTS have a significant amount of experience in MIG, TIG and spot welding across a vast range of materials (ferrous, non-ferrous). ABTS’s welding capacity enables us to provide welding for small precision parts, through to large panel work and structural assemblies.

ABTS are coded to the following spec’s:-
-BS EN:287
-BS EN ISO15614-1:2004
-BS EN ISO15614-2:2005


ABTS have a well equipped and dedicated team in place to assist with all your assembly needs. Our  facilities can be adapted to meet our customers requirements, allowing ABTS to assemble both small and large mechanical components. Whether it be a simple hinge, lock or bracket to assemble, or a complete unit, ABTS have the skills to do it.