Southwest Trains Class 455,507/508

The Rolling stock refresh / modernisation project for the class 455, 507/508 trains, which is currently being utilised by Southwest Trains started in March 2013, and is set to be concluded in early 2017.

This is a four year project consisting of ABTS refreshing a massive total of 91 vehicles, with each vehicle consisting of 4 car units. This is another large project, but not beyond the capabilities of ABTS. With new additions to the company in both staff and equipment, this has enabled the project to be undertaken in a quick, professional and high spec’ manner.

ABTS contributes significantly to the refresh of the internal areas. All work undertaken was carried out at ABTS facilities, including the processes of shot blasting, chemical stripping and powder coating.

The components in which ABTS have completed works on included:-

Vestibule handles & Poles
Luggage Rack Poles
Heating boxes
Heater grill covers

To ensure the safe delivery of all components back to SWT, ABTS designed and manufactured bespoke stillage’s and packaging containers to reduce the use of wrapping materials, whilst also enabling the customer to carry out a full inspection with ease on delivery.

With some minor delays – due to facility improvements at the SWT depot – at the beginning of the project, ABTS has had to be very flexible with its customer to enable the completion of each vehicle. Since the start, a more constructive and cooperative schedule has been agreed and maintained, meaning both parties are very happy with the current proceedings for this project.