About Us

AB Turnkey Solutions Ltd (ABTS) are a manufacturing organisation based in Milton Keynes, and have been established since 2001.

As a company our philosophy and goal of being a ‘one-stop solution’ has enabled the continued growth and increased reputation within many of today’s most successful, and highly regarded industries worldwide. ABTS prides itself on establishing strong, trustworthy and effective relationships with it’s customers, allowing successful projects to be the outcome for all parties involved.

ABTS has provided its services to a variety of industries, from raw materials, to the manufacture of a successful end product, ABTS make it happen all under one roof.

ABTS’s ‘one stop’ services include:

• Laser Cutting
• CNC Machining (Milling / Turning)
• CNC Fabrication
• Coded Welding
• CNC Tube Manipulation
• Material Cleaning (Chemical Stripping / Shot Blasting)
• Material Finishing (Powder Coating, Wet Spraying, Lacquering)
• Assembly and Delivery

For further enquiries, or any questions on ABTS’ capabilities and capacity, please feel free to contact us at sales@abturnkey.co.uk.